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Car and van leasing for business fleets


Vertu Group Fleet provides car and van leasing for businesses operating company cars and essential fleet. We can offer customers As part of the Vertu Motors plc network we have unrivalled support from over 150 UK dealerships representing 30 manufacturer brands.

With strong manufacturer relationships and a UK support network we are able to deliver in excess of 10,000 vehicles annually. You can be sure that we can support your business and keep your fleet and employees on the road.

Working hard to bring you the most competitive leasing offers

Vertu Group Fleet work with the widest choice of vehicle manufacturers in the market and a wide panel of vehicle funders which means that we can always present you with a wide range of special offers at any point in time. We also monitor the market to ensure that we can maintain price stability as much as possible across all models we offer.

Looking after your fleet

You can be confident that we can be a long-term fleet partner that will allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

Unlike with online leasing brokers, as a customer of Vertu Group Fleet you will have access to the support of our own aftersales network within the Bristol Street Motors, Vertu Motors and Macklin Motors dealerships. You can be assured that for any servicing and maintenance requirements, we can support you locally and keep your fleet on the road.

With an extensive panel of funders, we can reduce the risk of price volitility by recommending the most cost-effective funding option at any given time. We can also work with you to plan your replacement cycles in the most efficient and economical way.

Company car schemes

Every company car scheme is different. From essential fleet to perk cars and everything in between, we can advise and supply according to your strategy.

- Budget and efficiency
- Brand image
- Environmental impact
- Operational use
- Employee attraction and retention

Budget and efficiency

We can work to any budget with a focus on helping you predict the whole life cost of your fleet so that there are no nasty surprises.

Brand image

A fleet can say a lot about your brand. If you need to project a certain image, we can design your fleet to support.

Environmental impact

Whether your business is engaged in environmental activities or you just have a strong environmental CSR policy, we have an extensive range of electric and hybrid vehicles to choose from.

Operational use

If your cars are part of an essential fleet that carries stock or equipment on a daily basis, we will make sure you get the capacity and specification you need to remain productive and compliant.

Employee attraction and retention

Company cars can be an emotional topic, particularly if they are a perk car. We can help your individual employees find the right car, matching your budget with their individual needs.

Commercial vehicle fleets

Your commercial vehicles are second only to your employees in keeping your business running. As an essential fleet they must be specified precisely to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Any issues with reliability, capability or supply and your business will lose money.

Our commercial fleet team will understand your business in detail to match vehicle capabilities and specification to your operational needs. In addition, they will ensure all vehicles remain legally compliant, protecting your drivers, the general public and your business.

Supply chain confidence

Our independent PDI centre gives us
control over supply SLAs no matter the
volume of vehicles you require.

Conversion and type approval

We are a VCA approved supplier of
ancillary equipment and conversions,
ensuring your vehicles are fit for purpose
from day one. With millions of pounds of
stock purchased each year we can pass
value to our customers.

Company branding

Your vans represent your brand. We can
deliver fully liveried vehicles that are ready
for immediate deployment.

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